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Two Chinese and Nigerians arrested for operating a fake embassy in Lagos

Two Chinese and Nigerians arrested for operating a fake embassy in Lagos 12 / December 2016


Two Chinese nationals and two Nigerians have been arrested for operating a fake embassy inside Golden Point Hotel and Suite on Duduyemi Street in Ejigbo, Lagos. The suspects had been swindling Nigerians who had planned to travel out of the country.

The police said it had acted on intelligence reports from victims and detectives had to stay in the hotel for nine days to watch and monitor the activities of the suspects. On hearing the arrest news, some of their victims, showed up at the police and narrated how they were duped. One of the victims spoke about meeting with the agent saying, “She is a daughter to my brother’s pastor in Abeokuta.

I told her my intentions and zeal to travel to United States of America. He said the suspects persuaded him to travel to Trinidad and Tobago saying that it would be easier to secure employment there. He added, “Initially, I declined to take their bait, insisting that I preferred America to Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) but in the long run, they brainwashed me into agreeing to go to Trinidad &Tobago.

It was at this point, I was told that I would pay N1.3 million for the whole process including visa processing and flight fare. “The payment was made in installment. N376, 000 for Visa, ticket N850,000, accommodation N39,000 and Visa Fee N33,000, which I obliged and paid all the monies into the agent's GTB Account with number 0130671906.” He was able to travel to Trinidad and Tobago but was arrested as soon as they got to Trinidad and Tobago for coming into the country with fake visas.

He said, “On getting to the country, we were arrested by their security operatives accusing us of entering their country with fake visa and documents. We were locked up for 48 hours before we were deported on October 22nd, 2016 and arrived Nigeria the following day”, The police said the Trinidad and Tobago embassy confirmed that the visas issued by the suspects are fake and the two Chinese agents are not known to them.

The embassy in a statement said, "The Mission can categorically confirm that the individual SUN XINAI who is claiming to be an agent of this Mission is unknown to us,” the High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago stated in its letter dated 7th December 2016, referenced ABJ: 6/2/3/14, in response to RRS’s enquiry, “Furthermore, this Mission does not use the services of an ‘agent’ in any capacity whatsoever and has never done so in the past either."

"With regard to the authenticity of the attached visas, the Mission can also categorically confirm that those visas were not issued at this High Commission and are clearly fraudulent. “Noteworthy too is the fact that in June 2015, this Mission stopped the practice of issuing stamped visas in passports in favour of individual electronic visas issued from our country’s capital Port of Spain.” One of the suspects said she was unaware that stamped visa for Trinidad and Tobago was no longer accepted in the country.