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We serve as a one-stop shop for marketing and awareness campaigns that are focused on the Nigerian Diaspora. Our understanding of the Nigerian Diaspora, broad experience in managing marketing campaigns and backgrounds in marketing, strategy, finance and technology enable us provide winning campaigns for our clients and partners.

Our Diaspora Marketing Services bring businesses, brands and customers closer together through actionable consumer insights, targeting, data analysis and cross-channel marketing.

Some of our Marketing Services include:

Marketing Strategy Development: Our team of experts will sit with your team to understand your goals and objectives and develop measurable and cost-effective marketing strategies that are focused on the Nigerian Diaspora.

Marketing Campaign Management: With your marketing strategy in place, we help you optimize, organize and launch your marketing campaigns to ensure that they are effective and achieve your desired audience and goals.

Business Representation: We provide Representation Services for businesses and organizations that need to improve their presence in the U.S.A to be closer to their customers and prospects source local products and resources as well as enhance their global business profile. We will ensure that your corporate identity and values remain intact.

Our Business Representation services include:

  • Active marketing and sales
  • Coordinating your marketing activities in the USA
  • Business Identity: Use assigned NGEX addresses and telephone numbers for your correspondence and customer service
  • Hosting or attending relevant events, seminars, etc. on your behalf

Cross Channel marketing: Our marketing efforts also identify effective channels (e.g. social media, social gatherings, word of mouth, flyer distribution, etc) for reaching the Nigerian Diaspora and ensure intelligent interactions that drive awareness and increase engangement with the Nigerian Diaspora.

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